OUR STORY Our team members have managed projects from Canada to Australia and the U.S.  We have implemented many different CRM and ERP systems for companies in the Life Sciences, Electronics, distribution, manufacturing, and even...

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What Facilitated Software Solutions Delivers We at Facilitated Software Solutions, Inc. pride ourselves with top Quality Services and Productsfor your business, technical and implementational needs. From our top notched and knowledgeable ProjectManagement team; Tom Lyttleton,...
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Our Team

Facilitated Software Solutions Our Experienced Team Tom LyttletonFounder and CEOProven IS Project Manager & BA Accepting contract consulting opportunities for Salesforce, Pardot and ERP systems. As an IT Project Manager I have helped corporate clients implement...
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Our Team

Facilitated Software Solutions

Our Experienced Team

Tom Lyttleton
Founder and CEO

Proven IS Project Manager & BA Accepting contract consulting opportunities for Salesforce, Pardot and ERP systems. As an IT Project Manager I have helped corporate clients implement accounting (ERP) and operations software for over 25 years.  As a professional Project Manager, I use Agile, and LEAN techniques to help reduce the cost of implementation and increase client satisfaction.

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Jim Seagrim

Founded LSL to provide pragmatic solutions for other consultants and businesses, often in the role of "Interim Executive". Assignments for clients in Australia, Canada, and the U.S.A. include development and execution of detailed business plans, financing, market analyses, computer systems design and support, licensing negotiations, project management, and extensive assistance in start-up and turnaround situations.

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Services & Products

What Facilitated Software Solutions Delivers

We at Facilitated Software Solutions, Inc. pride ourselves with top Quality Services and Products
for your business, technical and implementational needs. From our top notched and knowledgeable Project
Management team; Tom Lyttleton, and Jim Seagrim, to one of four Bimser products, an Asset & Maintenance
Management System, BEAM that we offer – know that we have your businesses back.


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Information Systems Project Management

Businesses utilize many software tools to record current and past performance.  Increasingly they are relying on disparate databases and information sources to get a complete view of opportunities.  This not only includes future business prospects but views into the quality of existing business processes.  By taking a holistic view of all company systems and potential integrations of formerly disparate tools, a business can provide dashboards for constant monitoring existing state and using predictive analytics look to the future.

Many small to medium-sized businesses do not have the internal personnel to oversee a project implementing multi-database sourced views.  Facilitated Software Solutions, provides contract project managers on a full or part-time basis to deliver   We utilize database agnostic tools to help your company achieve complete visibility in all corners of the business.

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ERP Systems: Sage 300, Dynamics Nav etc.

Over the last few years, ERP systems have become a partner rather than a controller of the Business information system environment.  They’re great at measuring current performance, but they certainly don’t provide a complete picture of business activities.  Using data from the ERP, customer relationship, social media, website activity and industry sources combined provides a big picture view.  A business should understand the value of a prospect, an existing customer and a lost customer.  Facilitated Software Solutions provides certified specialists on a short or long-term basis, to assist executives to identify opportunities to focus improvement efforts on.


Salesforce Process Analysis and Re-Design

Salesforce is a great toolset to act as the information or command center for many enterprises.  Some implementations are far from complete or an aging relic of what is possible with some new automation or processes.  Pardot marketing without attention can get old and stale.  Facilitated Software Solutions works with both the executive team and the hands-on operators of a business to determine and implement cost-effective tune-ups om an existing instance or new deployment.  We provide credentialed professionals on a full or part-time contract basis to do the heavy lifting and then turn over a completed and greatly improved system.

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Business Process Analysis

Business Processes are similar to an automobile, if you don’t check the oil and tire pressure regularly, big problems may be in your near future!  Using tools like MS Visio we work to document existing business processes and their KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to provide a baseline of the existing model.  Then we develop, through both staff elicitation meetings and research, an improved process, a Visio model is created.  We do this using both #LEAN and #AGILE techniques. KPI’s are measured and compared to the former process to verify quality improvement.


Automated Workflow

Many ERP, CRM and PMS systems have internal workflows for their individual parts of the business information system.  At Facilitated we prefer using software tool agnostic solutions.  A great workflow automation product spans multiple software tools and can be easily adjusted to include new tools that are brought to the business enterprise.  Workflow automation frees up your workforce to concentrate on issues requiring complex thinking rather than them focusing on a routine day to day functions of their positions.

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Pardot and Social Media Marketing

At Facilitated, we use social media marketing like many other businesses to attract more opportunities.  We truly enjoy using various forums to inform and provide guidance to prospective clients.  We also believe these efforts need to be monitored and measured.  Clicks are nice but what is a businesses conversion rate from the first contact to completed deal?  If that value cannot be determined from an existing platform you cannot determine the real value of the efforts.  By designing Social Media campaigns properly they can be properly analyzed to prove value.


Quality Management

Facilitated Team members use many techniques including Six Sigma quality management to ensure the business processes we develop with a client are actually improving performance. We are followers of Edwards Deming and Toyota production and manufacturing methods.  It truly is the job of all team members on a project to constantly strive for both personal improvement and project improvement.


Asset Management

If a business is reliant on vehicles, pumps, motors, alternative energy to provide services to customers, then not having a smart sensor based 24/7 monitoring and an alert system could cost the enterprise significant dollars.  If an air conditioning system or a lab pump breaks unexpectedly a production batch or employee productivity may be lost until the situation is rectified.  We provide monitoring software with alerts, equipment repair documentation, and personnel requirements.  In addition, we believe in employing predictive analytics on all monitored equipment to remove the unexpected breakdowns.


Document Management

An increasingly important area for today’s business enterprise is document storage and access.  Documents must be available to businesses 24/7 from virtually anywhere.  The management team, business development, plant managers etc., need to be able to search for documents quickly, to work through everything from proposals to repair requirements to contracts.  Without a well-indexed library, hours can be lost searching for critical information.  We provide solutions for all sizes of enterprises to meet these needs.

Our Partnership Products


Accounting Seed – A Salesforce ERP Solution.

DataFlo Matrix

Jim Seagrim – SVP and CTO

BIMSER Products

A BA’s CRM Checklist

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