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Edwards Deming stated: “Best efforts will not substitute for knowledge.”

We specialize in providing solutions to business process problems not selling software.  Facilitated assists SMB’s small to mid-sized businesses solve problems with their information system by reviewing, analyzing and designing solutions to business problems.

Facilitated’s contract based, Business Analysts provide a vendor agnostic reviews of Small and Medium sized enterprises business processes.  Using research, observation and elicitation meetings we confirm and document your existing practices.  The SMB will be provided Visio type workflow diagrams of existing processes being examined.  With investigation and research, amended or brand new processes will be presented with a cost benefit analysis.

If the SMB’s refinements, or new business process, requires implementation and Professional project management we can provide those services as well.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss any SMB initiatives.

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Business Development

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The goal of our work should be to guide the SMB to a better place than they are now, in a cost-effective way.

SMB’s implementing a new, or redesigning an existing CRM, ERP or other business information system face significant hurdles with the implementation. This is truly, a very specialized field of project management, with unique requirements demanded of the Project Manager.  The business trying to go it alone, without unbiased, professional guidance is risking a great deal of time effort and money.

The number one reason for viable implementation project failures is poor communication.  At Facilitated we use JIRA from Atlassian for an open web based communications hub and task tracking tool.  This toolset provides the client complete, up to date visibility into project status.  Different, secure views are made for each of the SMB team and the outside vendors, as appropriate. The completed project with all documentation is handed over to the SMB.

If your business is contemplating a new or improved ERP, or you have an implementation project that is stalled or failing please contact us to discuss…

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We have unique skill sets and having the advantage of a long history of successful projects. We are honest, thorough and very experienced and stay on top of our certifications.

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