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Written by: Thomas Lyttleton, PMI, ACP, PBA, SixSigmaBB President of Facilitated Software Solutions, Inc. C-Suite executive level information systems, report, and dashboard requirements are evolving rapidly with IoT and digitization.   I am often asked to provide business process analysis for corporate CRM solutions. Many times, these requests are to review stalled
by Tom Lyttleton – 10/24/2018 Much of the work Jim and I have done over the years has involved trying to repurpose ERP implementations that have stalled or implementations that have delivered less than promised or expected.  Generally turning these projects around is very challenging and politically charged.  A great
A couple of disclosures which bias my perspective ~ • Worked with the ERP now known as Sage 300 since it was ACCPAC Dos. • Survived being a project accountant. • Learned programming with PUNCH cards and thought Fortran & Cobol was awesome. • Stopped using a slide rule in
Project Managers are one key to a thriving business. After companies reach a certain size, a coordinated business information system is necessary to control costs, automate workflows and measure performance.  This can be a significant investment even for medium sized companies. Relying on a vendors Project Manager (PM) to oversee
Simple Rules to a Successful Discussion. Discussions at work could range from the usual quarterly business meetings to a good rewarding discussion with the boss privately handing out pats (and some kind of bonus we hope). Or, it could be bad, from a reprimand to departmental meetings regarding late projects.