Predictronics - Predictive Analytics
for critical assets and project maintenance.

Predictronics Story

Predictronics has been bringing predictive analytics solutions to the market since 2013. For starters, it has helped customers in nearly every industry segment to collect and analyze data in monitoring critical assets. At also provides the key to a proactive maintenance policy and increased productivity. Above all, Predictronics custom solutions has prevented asset failures that can quickly add up to millions of dollars in downtime and maintenance costs. Certainly, this allows customers to optimize performance by proactively planning for corrective actions.


“To deliver predictive software solutions
that enable users to make data-driven decisions
that increase productivity and reduce downtime.”

Predictronics – Predictive Analytics

The PDX platform is an end-to-end predictive analytics solution.
It monitors critical assets by collecting and analyzing big data
with the goals of reducing unplanned downtime.
Hence, increasing productivity and improving product quality.

Predictronics - offers Predictive Analytics PDX Sandbox offered through Facilitated Software Solutions.
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Simply collecting data is not enough – further analysis is needed to draw useful meaning from it. PDX Sandbox is a software for developing custom applications, analyzing data and predicting impending failures. 

Built upon extensive domain knowledge and equipped with algorithms that facilitate model-building, PDX Sandbox is a deployable, scalable and intelligent solution that enables users to analyze data without having to become an expert. Predictronics can provide training, pre-configured models and tutorials to get users started on creating and customizing solutions.

Predictronics - offers Predictive Analytics with PDX DAQ offered through Facilitated Software Solutions
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The first step to harnessing the full power of an industrial process is collecting data. PDX DAQ is a software application that allows users to synchronize data collection from multiple sources for any given period of time. The result is an intentional and effective data acquisition approach, which only yields the necessary information for analysis and producing real-time, impactful results. 

Don’t have a data collection strategy in place yet? Our team of experienced automation engineers and data scientists can help with the right data acquisition plan for your company’s needs.

Predictronics offers Predictive Analytics through PDX Deploy offered through Facilitated Software Solutions
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Accessible, understandable and actionable information enables proactive decision making. PDX Deploy is an intuitive data visualization application that manages and monitors critical assets, issues detailed reports, maps degradation trends and predicts potential failures to achieve worry-free uptime.

Already have an asset management system in place? Customers can still harness the power of PDX Deploy’s unique functions through an API that is compatible with most data analysis platforms.