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Bimser International Corporation is a passionate enterprise software development company based in New York. Bimser has been developing enterprise software products since 1998. Bimser has an international presence.

Bimser is a certified SAP vendor, a Microsoft Gold Partner and official ISV partner of Cloud ERP Acumatica.

As a digital transformation enabler; At Bimser International, we believe in the power of simplicity. Simplicity increases productivity, boosts employee and customer satisfaction, reduces cost and improves bottom-line at any workplace. Our enterprise software products make this belief come true anywhere in the world.

Enterprise software product range of Bimser International is as follows:

1) QDMS: It is an integrated quality management software product. QDMS helps companies comply with quality management systems such as ISO, BRC, BRC iop, SQF and more. It has reputable international references worldwide.

2)BEAM: It is enterprise maintenance and asset management system. It has, asset, maintenance (periodic, preventive, predictive), staff,  energy, purchasing staff, and spare part/material inventory management capabilities. It has reputable references such as Barilla, Crown Holding, Henkel, KFC, LG, Mitsubishi, Schneider Electric, Starbucks, other reputable international enterprises globally.

3) eBA: It is a transactional Enterprise Content Management platform. It is an automation, document management, workflow, records management, and intelligent document capture platform. eBA has reputable references such as 3M, AstraZeneca, Bridgestone, DHL, Ford, Goodyear, Nissan, United Nations, and other reputable international companies and organizations.

4) Ensemble: It is a business process management, performance management, and balance scorecard management software. It has reputable international references worldwide.

Business Management Software

Asset Management   Asset Management

Maintenance Management  Maintenance

Material Management  Material

Purchasing Management  Purchasing

Energy Management   Energy

Document Management  Document Manage

Audit Control Management  Audit Control

Risk Analysis  Risk Analysis

Request Suggestion System  Request System

Notification of Event  Event Notification

Work Flow Management  Work Flow Manage

Document Management  Document Manage

Electronic Document Management  Electronic Document

Capture  Capture

Dashboard  Dashboard

Strategic Plan  Strategic Plan

Balanced Scorecard  Balanced Scorecard

Performance Monitoring  Perform. Monitor

Process Management  Process Manage

Corporate Modeling  Corporate Modeling


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