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Business Case Checklist

Business Case Checklist

Facilitating the Project Management and Analytics as Facilitated Software Solutions Can.

Presented by Tom Lyttleton PMP PBA of Facilitated Software Solutions – Carlsbad, CA

The Business Process Analysis phase of CRM and ERP implementations is a critical beginning step that is often overlooked or ignored. This is especially true in smaller organizations who do not have the benefit of experienced, credentialed business process analysts (BA’s) and Project Management Professionals (PMP’s)

Facilitated Software Solutions Business Case checklist

We live in a world of instant gratification.  Need to contact someone?  Text, email, messaging, cell phone etc. are readily available to most companies and individuals.  Have a question?  Google Bing etc. can provide information quickly and sometimes accurately! 

Business process analysis does not lend itself to instant answers and this is many times one of the major reasons ERP and CRM implementations become failures.  If we don’t clearly define and agree where we are going and each step, it is going to be nearly impossible to get to the correct destination.

Start with a value stream analysis of how a process is followed today in your organization.  It is extremely important to get a clear model of how a process is actually being performed rather than how upper management may think it is being executed.  My experience with over 20 years managing and fixing broken implementations is that these are usually two very different models!

The next step involves the new process.  Organizations should involve line staff in the development of this model.  Again, value stream mapping of each step is needed to determine functionality and if the existing ERP or CRM can be made to conform with the requirements.

Evaluate new process(es) based on more than just cost savings.  Does the new process reduce risk?  Does it improve quality or a competitive advantage?

Only at this point does it make sense to assemble all these answers into a business case for management to approve an implementation project. 

Facilitated Software Solutions provides contract services for Business Process analysis, and Project Management on a part-time or full-time basis. we can build a successful business case and project plan for you.

Please feel free to use our Business Case planning checklist.

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