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Business Process Analyst at Facilitated Software Solutions

Many businesses are examining their existing information systems; ERP, CRM, PMS, etc; and realize the existing system, as configured, no longer fits in today’s business environment. This is when they miss the critical need for an independent business process analyst to bring them into what will be anticipated for tomorrow.

With wireless providers about to provide 5G internet connectivity at incredible speeds, many businesses will not choose to take advantage of this technology fully.

Their fate is not promising.  Technology is morphing faster and faster.  Like you, I am seeing more and more companies in all industries cycle through startup, growth, dominance and ultimately, failure.

Consider, for example, warehouse-style electronics stores such as Best Buys and Fry’s.  They were a convenience that destroyed the local Radio Shack and Mom and Pop hardware stores as viable businesses. 

The Mom and Pop local stores had been around for several generations, Warehouse stores have dominated for one or two generations and are now imploding by and large, replaced by the internet and AI technologies. 

We all know we can now have a television delivered to our door and installed in one or two days.  Same for virtually any commodity. 

How business is conducted is truly amid another huge disruption to many industries including, Real Estate Sales, Mortgage, Banking, Pharmacy, even medical care will become leaner
and driven by quick and easy communications.  This communication will primarily be by smartphone.

The big question is, in the turmoil coming, where are your company’s technology efforts?  If the company is to survive the next 3 to 5 years, a Lean and Agile road map is critical
and a good Business Process Analyst on your team can make or break your quarterly gains.

 Signs of trouble!

  • A/R and A/P invoices being hand entered.
  • Field sales personnel not able to easily enter orders or check inventory, lack of visibility.
  • Machinery and business assets breaking or needing maintenance with no notification of an impending problem, no electronic monitoring.
  • Service personnel unable to ensure they have the correct parts, knowledge and tools in their service vehicle for a callout.
  • Inventory problems such as inaccurate item status, inventory missing damaged etc.

If you have any of these it’s time for a checkup!   Enter the independent Professional Business (Process) Analyst.  The reason for an independent is the added coverage
of implementation and flow.

May I highly recommend, before you start talking to software vendors, make sure you have done the business process analysis for each business department you plan to touch. 

Every business I have worked with in over 20 years consulting has operated slightly differently.  Many times, executives are emotionally attached to existing systems. 

There is resistance to change because change equals pain.  Personnel training costs, implementation costs on top of software costs.  To survive there is an absolute need
to be constantly re-evaluating and modifying existing systems.  Very similar to gardening. You need to be always watching for weeds, watering and providing good fertilization
for a business to thrive.

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business Process Analyst at Facilitated Software Solutions

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