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COVID-19 and Remote Work

Covid-19 and Remote Work.   I think Coronavirus has accelerated the migration to remote work, by having social distancing and Stay-At-Home directives may have some benefits for humanity in the long term (more about that later.) I was trying to think what Facilitated Software Solutions could provide to help folks… Continue Reading…

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Business Process Analyst

Your Independent Business Process Analyst is Critical to Your Business Process Existence Many businesses are examining their existing information systems; ERP, CRM, PMS, etc; and realize the existing system, as configured, no longer fits in today’s business environment. This is when they miss the critical need for an independent business… Continue Reading…

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Services Facilitated Software Offers:

These are some of the B2B services that we at Facilitated Software offers. Feel free to contact Tom Lyttleton for a free consultation.

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New ERP, Why (x 5) ?

A couple of disclosures which bias my perspective ~ • Worked with the ERP now known as Sage 300 since it was ACCPAC Dos. • Survived being a project accountant. • Learned programming with PUNCH cards and thought Fortran & Cobol was awesome. • Stopped using a slide rule in… Continue Reading…

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Communication Breakdown

Simple Rules to a Successful Discussion. Discussions at work could range from the usual quarterly business meetings to a good rewarding discussion with the boss privately handing out pats (and some kind of bonus we hope). Or, it could be bad, from a reprimand to departmental meetings regarding late projects.… Continue Reading…

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How to Deal with Work Anxiety and Stress

When I started working one elderly lady told me the success for any worker is if they can provide the 5 Q’s.to their employers. I scratched my head. I asked what was that. She replied “Quickness, Quality, Quantity, Quietly, and Qualified..” She also told me not to stress if I… Continue Reading…