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AccountingSeed – #1 Salesforce ERP Accounting Solutions

AccountingSeed is a Salesforce ERP accounting solution that is geared for small businesses as well as large scale corporations. It is a robust financial software solution that is flexible. It offers collaboration and connectivity to banks and other critical business applications. Above all, it is backed by the power and security of the Salesforce platform with a reliable API. In fact, AccountingSeed is the highest rated accounting solution in Salesforce AppExchange.

AccountingSeed - A Salesforce AppExchange Partner
  • Fully Integrated / Built on Salesforce
  • Hassle-Free Automation including billing
  • Accessibility – Cloud Based Platform
  • Multi Company / Multi Currencies
  • User Friendly Dashboard and Reports
  • Core and Project Accounting
  • Accounting: Payables, Receivables, Payroll, Inventory, and Orders
  • Financial Reporting including P&L, Trial Balance, Budgeting, and more.
  • Integrated with Stripe, Avalara and Over 14k Bank & Credit Card Connections

Flexible online accounting connected to the power of Salesforce and it’s customization of reports and dashboards to fit your business model whether it be Non-Profit, Construction, HealthCare, Software, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Associations, Insurance and anything in-between.

AccountingSeed University – Free eTraining of the AccountingSeed application
9 courses with each module averaging 20-30 minutes. The classes cover such areas as configurations, general ledger, inventory, orders, and other related topics so your accounting team can get up and running in no time.

AccountingSeed – Salesforce ERP Solutions – Geranium Release (Summer 2019)

Geranium Release (Summer 2019)

AccountingSeeds’ new Geranium release is sure to push the boundaries on traditional accounting by offering the newest and most innovative features in automation and computing.

The latest release builds on essential functions, chief among them are recurring billing, payable, and journal entry automation. Additionally, we’re pleased to announce new banking and multi-currency functionalities.

New Features Include:

  1. Multi-Currency Processing with Stripe: Geranium gives users the ability to process multi-currency customers, credit card payments in non-USD currency, through an expanded Stripe integration.
  2. Recurring Billing, Payable, and Journal Entry Automation: Geranium gives users the ability to create and post records automatically, based on the frequency specified in the Recurring Billings, Recurring Payables, and Recurring Journal Entries.
  3. Increased Flexibility When Billing from the Opportunity: Geranium provides the user with more flexibility by incorporating new field sets in the Create Billing and Create Recurring Billing intermediate screens on the Salesforce Opportunity. This allows users to add or remove data fields in these screens to capture or streamline the record creation process.
  4. Real-time Bank Balance Updates: Geranium gives users the ability to view their bank account balances and available credit limit in real-time through the Bank Direct Connect feature.
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