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Conga Digital Document Transformation Solutions

Conga Digital Document transformation Solutions allows businesses run on documents on their own terms with data integration for accurate reporting and tracking. Conga helps create, negotiate, execute, and manage the documents and contracts that make it easier to do business, so you can focus on driving business and revenue faster.

 No other company matches our end-to-end Digital Document Transformation Suite – Conga Commercial Suite Solutions offers the most complete product to nearly 11,000 customers in 85 countries

Conga Composer

With Conga Composer, you can build fully customized, personalized documents in a snap, whatever your industry, your role, or your use case. Eliminate manual document tasks and reduce errors for better customer communications.

And with Composer, digital document generation used within Salesforce makes it quick and error-free, every time by automating your templated documents so they’ll always be built with the right data and to ensure your brand shines.  It’s never been easier to spin up accurate, consistent documents for any business need.

Get rid of process roadblocks and errors that slow down your business, giving time back to your teams to work on the important stuff

Conga Composer Add-Ons

Conga Batch

Consolidate, schedule, and deliver documents you create by choosing how you want to launch and send. 
With the Conga Batch add-on you can choose whether to run automatically or on demand, and for multiple documents at once.

Conga Trigger

Create and distribute digital documents automatically from Composer and Salesforce without having to click a button every time. Set up workflow rules to automate create and deliver with the Conga Trigger add-on

Conga Contracts

Give the right teams ownership over contract processes and access to every team that needs it to move contract cycles faster. Ensure information is up-to-date and easily track statuses to quickly identify and resolve bottlenecks.

Conga Contracts for Salesforce

From the dotted line to the bottom line, Conga makes it easy to maintain consistency and control of your most critical agreements — right from within Salesforce. Instantly gain greater visibility into your contract portfolio to pinpoint exactly where your contracts are in the lifecycle and where your bottlenecks might be occurring.

Conga Sign

Quickly secure the signatures you need with secure, fast, and efficient eSignature from beginning to end.  
Experience  easy digital eSignature executions with maximum signing flexibility and audit trail of transactions with Conga Sign.  

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Other Conga Products

Conga Orchestrate

Create repeatable processes in Salesforce with no coding using Conga Orchestrate. Easily configure, automate, and manage a large number of workflow steps and processes, no matter the complexity.

Conga Collaborate

Flawless Online Document Creation.

Create customized documents with the right content at the right time, based on the data in Salesforce. Your reps will be able to focus on selling, instead of pulling together their proposals. No more errors and more time to connect.

Conga Grid

Get clean, accurate data that’s up-to-date data with Conga Grid. Navigate, visualize, and manage Salesforce data across multiple objects for greater insight—all from a single, actionable grid.

Conga Approvals

Achieve a higher level of approval workflow automation and provide a better user experience with Conga Approvals. Set up approvals on pricing, discounting, promotions, contract terms, agreement clauses, and more

Conga CPQ

Empower your sellers to quote accurately and spend less time selling, no matter how complex your business becomes. With Conga CPQ, sellers are more efficient, ultimately closing bigger deals at a higher win rate.

Conga Max

How much time would it save if you could automate repetitive tasks, like cloning quotes or creating agreements? Conga Max provides AI and machine learning help for on-the-go executives and field reps to leverage CPQ or CLM apps.