Maximize your Productivity with Automation and Workflows
Digitize your Documents, Contracts, and eSignature

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Conga Composer

  • Create, Share, Store, Track & Analyze faster.
  • Type of Documents one can create include invoices, mass email, quotes, letters, tickets proposals and more.
  • Merge data and documents, flexible, revision tracking, indexing and storage

Conga Contracts

Accelerate your Sales Process with Conga Contracts.
Straight from the Dotted Line to the Bottom Line.
Analyze contracts with AI insights and use step-by-step wizards.
Complete Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)
to automate and Streamline all of your contracts from Sales to CPQ and more.

Conga Sign - Transforming your Digital Documents  to the next tage.

Conga Sign

Finalize contracts with Conga Esiognature solutions for secure and effortless execution to close those contract deals and speed up the sales cycle.

Conga Orchestrate 

Streamline your business with workflow automation.
Easily visualize, create, and change workflow processes in Salesforce. Even complex workflows with multiple steps are a cinch to build and automate.

Automate even your most complex Salesforce workflows
for a level of efficiency you never knew existed.

Conga Grid

For lightning-fast data management for your Salesforce Org
get a 360-degree data view when you search, edit, filter, and sort.
Allowing you to see and update a multitude of items at once.
Conga Grid enables Salesforce customers to manage, visualize,
and navigate data more efficiently all from a single, actionable grid.